Friday, July 31, 2009

It's official - 'The Most Effective Teachers Are In A Class Of Their Own'

According to a latest research done in UK at School of Education in University of Nottingham over a 2 year period shows that teachers who are 'doing it right' are a cut above the rest!


"Knowledgeable, innovative, skilful, fun-loving, caring, supportive, task and pupil centred – it’s official – the most effective teachers are in a class of their own. They stimulate a pupil’s imagination, challenge their views, encourage them to do great things and motivate them through tailored teaching practices to ensure that every pupil feels a sense of achievement and valued as part of the class community."

According to the principle researcher Professor Christopher Day the research gave them an idea of the skill set needed to be an 'effective teacher':

“ability to create a positive climate for learning by challenging pupils’ ideas, inspiring them, being more innovative in their practice and differentiating amongst pupils according to their abilities and interests where appropriate”